Swervo marks the first official collaboration between G Herbo and 808 Mafia co-founder Southside. Rapping from the perspective of G Herbo’s alter ego, Swervo, this project moves in a different direction from his previous work. Where we’re used to hearing G Herbo get into the dark realities of life on the southside and his existential raps about his own position in this world, Swervo moves faster and more ruthlessly. Songs like “Swervo”, “That’s How I Grew Up” featuring fellow Opposition partner 21 Savage, and “FoReal” get to the heart of Swervo but also flex the partnership between Southside and G Herbo. Neither producer or rapper are holding back on each other.

G Herbo continues to be one of the most interesting and introspective rappers in the game. Listening to two great artists work on one of the rawest (rap and beats-wise) albums this year gets us excited for what’s next.

Listen to Swervo below: